‘Writing History’ Editors Share Progress Report & Impressions

by Korey Jackson on June 22, 2011

Last month, we announced Writing History in the Digital Age, a born-digital, open-review edited volume, under contract with the University of Michigan Press to appear under its digitalculturebooksimprint in the Digital Humanities Series.

In their efforts to “openly share information about our experience in building a born-digital edited volume to benefit […] others who are experimenting with new forms of scholarly communication,” the editors of this volume, Jack Dougherty and Kristen Nawrotzki, have made their progress report to the press available online.

In the report, the editors share their most effective publicity strategies and their impressions of the conversation being generated around ideas for essays for this volume. In summary:

To date, over 30 different visitors have posted comments on the site, most at least one paragraph, and some longer. Several potential contributors have responded positively when we “pushed back” on their initial topic and asked them to explain its significance to our central theme or elaborate with an example. Also, several substantive exchanges have arisen between readers who are engaging with each other’s ideas, thus helping all of us to refine the volume as a whole.

We’re excited about the progress that has been made and the next steps outlined in the report, and we’re very pleased to see and benefit from their open process!  To learn more about the project and view this progress report and other documentation about the evolution of this volume, visit the website at: http://writinghistory.trincoll.edu/.

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