Announcing digitalcultureweek (DCW)

by Korey Jackson on May 2, 2012

What it is

Fortunately for those of us involved in the digital humanities and new media studies, the information landscape is filled with thought-provoking commentary about research, tools, datasets, new distribution networks, and new ways of legitimating these networks. Of course, riches like this often come at the cost of valuable time. Enter that dreaded word: overload. It’s impossible to read everything. Sometimes it’s a challenge just to read a few things well. This is where digitalcultureweek comes in. DCW will be a weekly space to find syntheses of field-specific material, to read about and discuss trends, hot-button topics, highlights, lowlights, and everything in between. A place, in other words, to make a narrative out of an info stream.

Who it’s for

I’m a tab fiend. I mean my penchant for accumulating browser tabs throughout the day. The thing is, I can’t get myself to close down an article, essay, Storify list, whatever, until I feel like I’ve mined, stored, and curated every piece of information on offer. Sure, I use Pinterest, Delicious, Evernote, Zotero, Hootsuite, a cardboard box full of old receipts with urls scribbled on the backs in barely-legible golf pencil—but these tools, while wonderfully useful (well, barring the box) don’t tend to grant a sense of narrative…rising action, falling action, and, maybe most importantly, resolution. digitalcultureweek is aimed at the similarly narrative-deprived, the tab fiends looking for their week’s dénouement.

How it works

The plan for digitalcultureweek is to put together a stable corral (or a stable stable) of writers who forage in the same DH/new media/scholarly communication turf that so many of us tread. Digital Humanities Now, Scholarly Kitchen, DH Q&A, the new Journal of Digital Humanities, The Chronicle of Higher Ed’s ProfHacker, the many high-quality personal and professional blogs that command attention week after week—all of these are places where DH and new media discourse are being forged and shaped. digitalcultureweek is looking to become a weekly roundtable, an informal Q&A about the week’s doings on sites like those listed above. Think one part McGlaughlin Group, one part Diane Rehm’s Friday News Roundup…and one part Duck Dynasty (okay, not really).

Here’s how it works: digitalculturebooks will tweet out a series of discussion questions throughout the week (using the hashtag #DCWQuestions) that refer to specific contributions from the DH community. On Friday we’ll post responses to these questions from the DCW writing group and from other select Twittersphere contributors. Of course, everyone is welcome to comment on posts or make suggestions for future reading, discussion questions, etc.

An open invitation

We invite anyone interested in becoming a contributor to dcb’s digitalcultureweek to send us a brief introduction/bio (~200 words) along with your particular area of interest or expertise…or a specific ‘beat’ you’d like to cover. Inquiries should be sent to Please remember to include your Twitter handle in the email message (and be sure to follow @Mdigitalculture on Twitter).

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