DCW Volume 1 Issue 1 – Plugging In, Plugging Out

by Korey Jackson on May 25, 2012

Today marks the inaugural launch of DigitalCultureWeek. The aim of this new weekly review is to provide a forum for amplifying, (re)absorbing, and asking questions about each week’s digital humanities and new media news. This first week I am delighted to be joined by Matt Burton, Daniel Chamberlain, and Miriam Posner. Together our DCW authors […]


DCW Authors

by Korey Jackson on May 11, 2012

As we ramp up to the release of our first issue (stay tuned for an upcoming release date announcement), I wanted to introduce you to our roster of digitalcultureweek authors. I’d also like to invite you to take a look at last week’s post announcing the formation of DCW and consider becoming a contributor yourself! […]

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Announcing digitalcultureweek (DCW)

by Korey Jackson on May 2, 2012

What it is Fortunately for those of us involved in the digital humanities and new media studies, the information landscape is filled with thought-provoking commentary about research, tools, datasets, new distribution networks, and new ways of legitimating these networks. Of course, riches like this often come at the cost of valuable time. Enter that dreaded […]


Digital humanities scholarship is, as Melissa Terras’s “Quantifying Digital Humanities” infographic reveals concisely, steadily finding new practitioners, funders, and advocates. Of course, quantified growth alone doesn’t reveal the kinds of rewards and challenges that attend DH as it simultaneously expands and congeals into something like a discipline (or, perhaps, multi-located sub-discipline?). Nor does it capture […]


UM Press/HASTAC Publication Prize in Digital Humanities sponsored by the University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities In conjunction with the University of Michigan’s hosting of the 2011 international HASTAC V conference on Digital Scholarly Communication and recent launch of the University of Michigan Press Series in Digital Humanities, the Press and HASTAC (the Humanities, […]


HASTAC V at the University of Michigan

by Korey Jackson on November 17, 2011

HASTAC—the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory—is hosting its fifth annual conference at the University of Michigan. The conference will be held on December 1st – 3rd and is hosted by the UM’s Institute for the Humanities and sponsored in part by MLibrary. This year’s theme, “Digital Scholarly Communication,” focuses on the promise and challenge of new forms of […]


Writing History in the Digital Age: Rethinking Peer Review

by Korey Jackson on October 25, 2011

  There’s already been a flurry of activity since the recent announcement of Writing History in the Digital Age’s online open review process. So far, over 2,000 unique visitors have posted more than 250 comments. “Our digital forum promotes scholarly dialogue that normally wouldn’t happen until long after a publication was finished,” observes co-editor Kristen Nawrotzki, […]


Digital Practitioner Series: An Interview with Mark Sample

by Korey Jackson on October 17, 2011

    In this next installment of our Digital Practitioner Series we’re talking to Mark Sample, Assistant Professor in the Department of English at George Mason University and a faculty affiliate at the Center for History and New Media. Sample has written about the representation of torture in videogames in Game Studies and is working on a collaboratively written book about the […]


Four titles in our imprint have just been posted for free online reading with Creative Commons licenses (BY-NC-ND): Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics, by Jennifer Gabrys The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age, edited by Amy E. Earhart and Andrew Jewell Home Truths? Video Production and Domestic Life, by David Buckingham, Maria […]