The New Media World

Series Editor

Joseph Turow, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania


The New Media World series will explore key themes relating to the emerging media environment. The term emerging media environment refers to the broad ecosystem of technologies, processes, audiences, consumers, industries, governments, and sponsors that interact around various forms of information such as entertainment, news, education, and advertising. Fundamental changes in that ecosystem—involving media as traditional as newspapers and books or as new as mobile phones and weblogs—are transforming the ways people around the world communicate, participate in civic life, and imagine themselves in relation to others.

The New Media World series will feature thematically bold and well-researched books that explore these changes from a wide range of disciplinary and cultural perspectives, seeking to stimulate academic thinking and contribute to public discourse and policy.

The New Media World series will be published by digitalculturebooks, a collaborative imprint of the University of Michigan Press and the University of Michigan Library. In an effort to reach the broadest possible audience, digitalculturebooks publishes simultaneous print and online editions, and encourages the use of Creative Commons licensing.

For more information about this series, or to submit a proposal please contact Senior Acquiring Editor Sara Cohen at