Landmark Video Games

Series Editors

Mark J. P. Wolf, Communication Department, Concordia University Wisconsin
Bernard Perron, Art History and Film Studies Department, Université de Montréal

Series Advisory Board

Mia Consalvo, Ohio University
David Myers, Loyola University New Orleans
Tanya Krzywinska, Brunel University
Ian Bogost, Georgia Institute of Technology
Henry Lowood, Stanford University
Frans Mäyrä, University of Tampere


The Landmark Video Games series will be the first English-language series in which each book addresses a specific game or game series, examining it through a variety of approaches, including game design, genre, form, content, and its context within video game history. Each book in the series will cover a historically significant game or game series, and collectively produce an intimate examination of the video game medium, through the concrete details of the famous and influential games that have set the course and changed the direction of video game history.

The Landmark Video Games series hopes to provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the most important video games since the creation of Spacewar! Insofar as video games are, along with novels and film, part of the contemporary cultural landscape, it is necessary to teach undergraduate and graduate students how to see, read, analyze, study, situate and appreciate them.

The series will be open to all video games, no matter the genre and the platform. It will illuminate the games for a cultural approach and concentrate on the specific elements of the medium.

For more information about this series, or to submit a proposal please contact Senior Acquiring Editor Sara Cohen at